Thursday, August 2, 2012

Picking fruits from the tree...

I always can't resist picking fruits from a tree. I remember those times in my childhood when I looked forward to visiting grandfather on his farm in Bulacan. Usually he has some native fruit ready for picking and he'd invite us to pick. He has a variety of fruit trees (indian mango, santol, star apple, sampaloc, balimbing, aratilis, guava, atis, mabolo), but only a few of each. My favorite is the aratilis.

It may look like cherries, but isn't really similar in nature and its like the size of small grapes. Its very sweet when its ripe. I also love that its tree is not so tall so its easy to pick the fruits by just reaching out to it.

Most of the fruit trees there are sour-tasting though, like indian mango and most of all the santol, but its those trees that bear the most fruits. Those were also the big trees, but just for fun we tried to climb it (only the lower branches) or jump high to get some of the fruits. We also did some picking using sungkit (an improvised wooden stick with a hook  used to pick fruits). After all our energies were exhausted and we have a handful of fruits, he'd then ask his handyman to pick some more. Said handyman is like Tarzan, who can hang around every no time he has filled a basket with fruits for us to take home ;)

Back here at home, the only tree left that I can get some fruits to eat from is the Rambutan. Picking time is about July/August. Its a big tree, but luckily its near our second floor balcony where I can handpick some fruits, or use a sungkit to get some more. Our sungkit is quite heavy, and I think I used up more energy than what I can get eating the rambutan fruits that I picked. Nevertheless, its one of those natural activities that can be beneficial in some ways, though most people don't care much to do. 




  1. That does look like cherries. We used to have a cherry tree in our backyard (we lived there 9 years and didn't even know it until a couple months before we moved!). Now here we have an apple tree and a lime tree. Neither one is getting anything on them this year. I hope you can make some yummy things (maybe jam?) with the fruit?

  2. Poor cherry tree...
    Btw, I heard in the news the drought that's occurring in U.S., I hope it ends soon. But maybe you can do something for the apple tree so it will bear fruits.
    I think the chinese make canned rambutan, but it really tastes a lot better when fresh.
    My father was kind of asking me to make Santol jam one time. Since its a very sour fruit, the jam has to be loaded with sugar! I really don't want that for anyone.


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