Friday, May 11, 2012

A sad breakfast meal from McDonalds

Some weekends when I really don't like to prepare breakfast, first thing that comes to mind is to order breakfast from McDo. Its hot and its fast, and there's no minimum order required. However, I don't remember the food there being this pathetic:

This is a Longganisa meal. It doesn't look good, and doesn't taste good either. The egg is so small and overcooked. The longganisa is thin, dry, kinda cheap tasting, not meaty. (The brewed coffee is good though.)

This is what its supposed to look like:

I think this one will taste a whole lot better!


  1. I would have complained! I have made them make me a new pot of coffee before, because it was so old and burnt tasting. Lol... I'm sorry about your disappointing breakfast, though.

  2. Yup Tina, I should have let them know...even though I didn't want a replacement. I think that the branch here doesn't have the same standard as others (because most customers here are not the discriminating type). I also wasn't in the mood that day to complain. But there were times I did complain about food quality...that was with another fastfood chain - Jollibee.
    Its really disappointing to not be able to get what you pay for, nowadays it happens more often :(


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