Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Freshest Fresh Buko!

Some fresh buko stalls/stores out there are selling coconut juice and meat that aren't the freshest possible. Some have bottled the juice and chilled them to last a few days. Then they add a few strips of meat that was already prepared in advance. Buy coconut in its original form and you're sure its fresh! Its the cheapest this way, and you're assured of the best nutrients and cleanest product from the best source - nature!

fresh buko

A few years ago, I posted about coconuts here. The coconuts used to be P25. each (in the city), now its P35. each. But its still much cheaper than buying it in commercial stalls or ordering it from restaurants.
I buy coconut at a neighborhood street vendor, he already knows that I want the young coconut, with the outer shell chopped, but with the meat and juice still intact. I take it home and chop it open myself, to make sure its perfectly clean.
Each coconut is good for two servings.

fresh coconut for health

Monday, February 15, 2016

I heart cardamom pods!

I have just discovered cardamom pods as a spice, and for aromatherapy. The smell of it really makes me smile :)

Mimi's kitchen
Cardamom pods

Tesco grocery items at SM Hypermart!

I usually get excited at seeing new international products at the supermarket...mostly because I am looking for healthy ingredients and treats to add to my favorites. I am glad that SM now has some products from Tesco, UK. I was delighted to see among the spices there, cardamom pods! I have been seeing it in recipes, but don't know what it is so I decided to try. When I opened the bottle and took a sniff, it was a heavenly scent! Then I tried using it in soups and fried rice, it added a very nice citrusy and minty taste.

I will be posting some more products as I try them. :)