Friday, March 7, 2014

Eating healthier...

Its not so hard to shift to a healthier diet, if you really want will get to like it, if you persist ;)

photo credit: the bridge via photopin cc

My suggested plan is simple. First you must buy more fresh produce - even supermarkets have them ;) Buy the freshest, shiniest and most colorful fruits and vegetables. Buy those grown locally and are in season, if you are on a tight budget.
Then make sure you eat fruits right. Eat fruits on an empty stomach, eat fruits fresh - unprocessed, uncooked is best. You can juice it or mash it, but eat at once and do not store to keep all nutrients intact.
Eat salads or cook the veggies, but don't overcook it.
If you like meat, buy fresh meat and avoid processed meats.
You can still eat what you used to eat, but after weeks of regularly eating good food, your taste buds will function better and develop a certain dislike for processed foods.
And btw, instead of going to the sari-sari store to buy Coke, go to the buko stand across the street and buy fresh buko!

photo credit: Albert Freeman via photopin cc