Friday, July 22, 2011

Make it at home - Kani Salad

I had Kani Salad at Omakase restaurant one time, and really liked it. I couldn't recreate the dish as well, since their ingredients come from Japan, and their presentation is delightful and authentic.
But here's my version.

Iceberg Lettuce - cut into bite-size pieces
Cucumber - grated
Carrot - grated
Ripe Mango - sliced into cubes
Kani - there are different brands, and prices. I settled for Sea Stix made in Thailand.
Caviar (optional) - I wasn't able to buy since it was too expensive. Though adding some would make the dish more authentic.
Sesame Oil - just enough to flavor
Light Mayonnaise

Separate the Kani into strips. Mix all ingredients together and you're done!