Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baked Macaroni

Other than spaghetti dish, baked macaroni is the usual pasta dish that I can prepare for my family of three. An 8x8 inch pan-full is good for four persons, but I usually eat less than 1/4, and my two sons easily finish it up. I don't really follow a recipe, and most of the time it tastes like my spaghetti too ;)

I used butter, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Kraft Cheddar Cheese for the topping. I just browned it a little in our toaster oven.
I forgot to take a shot of the pasta dish on the plate, I guess I was hungry and tired already :p My sons enjoyed the meal so it was worth the trouble even if they don't help me with the dishes and cleaning up ;)


  1. That looks good, Mimi. We have been making our boys help with the dishes more lately. One will empty the dishwasher, and the other one can fill it up with dirty dishes. :)

  2. They really should be helping with the dishes too, but like they say its hard to teach an old dog new tricks :p


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