Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love pineapples!!!

As a child, I instinctively craved for fruits and veggies more than other kinds of food. I hated milk (as far as I can remember), and I wasn't really happy with the typical Filipino dishes of adobong manok o baboy (chicken or pork), bangus (milkfish) or tilapia, beefsteak and such...Besides, fruits are expensive so we didn't have as much of it as we wanted.
Now my family is more blessed when it comes to fresh fruits, because we are able to harvest our own! But I'm still not so happy because it is only me that really eats enough of the fruits. It is not easy to convince others to eat as much fruit.
For now, we have pineapples! I have waited for several months since I first saw the fruits grow from the plant, to its maturity. These were planted in our small farm in a nearby province. Though I have one pineapple plant here at home, which my brother gave to me upon seeing my delight for this beautiful creation.

Here's my previous post on how to easily make fresh pineapple-orange juice at home.

As an added bonus, when I serve pineapples, I save the cut leaves on top and use it to decorate my home. It lasts for a long time ;)


  1. I love pineapples too.That is a great way to use the leaves Mimi, they look lovely

  2. what a great idea to keep the leaves of the pineapple in little planters!


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