Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bad food

I learned to eat candies and drink colas as I grew up. I didn't know then how bad these were for our bodies (causing ulcers, tooth cavities, migraines, etc...). All I knew was that I needed the sweet taste - I craved it, and candies and colas are the easiest and cheapest solution for that "need". When I was in grade school and even in high school, there were times that I couldn't think or concentrate in class. I didn't know how important food was, and I didn't make the connection. I usually did not care to eat anything for breakfast and by recess time I am starving. All I could think of was to eat some crackers and most of all drink cola! I did not know that several years after, the habit of eating junk foods esp. in the morning, would make life much harder for me. I knew these were not good food, but, I didn't even realize how bad they were, not even after I had I allowed them to consume those products too :( Add to that we all developed a craving for pizzas, cakes, and other baked goodies too, because of the kiddie parties that we had hosted and attended through the years.
However, I observed that my sons were not as addicted to colas and candies like me; rather, they were more addicted to burgers, hotdogs, chips and other salty snacks! Furthermore, when there was some reason to celebrate, or we were just craving for it - we ordered fastfood :p

The good news is, a few years ago I started to really do something about it. Now we rarely order pizza and other fastfood, and hardly ever have cola or any sugared drink in our fridge or table! This happened very slowly - but, in the course of time I can say there's been a big improvement. I can't pinpoint any specific kind of program, but in my next posts I will mention the little changes I made which gave overall positive results.

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