Friday, January 29, 2010

Food Blog Intro

I am starting another blog, to write about my little adventures about food and health, and some concerns about our environment affecting our health. I hope you join me, as I share what I learn and discover from time to time. This could be just a new way of preparing the same food, new recipe, useful articles or sites, good buys and whatever tidbit about food and health that I can think of.

For several years now, I have been reading books about what, when and how to eat. All of it put together has overwhelmed me to the point that I sometimes want to give up and just eat what I have been accustomed to. This gets even more complicated because people (starting with family) don't share the same concern regarding what they eat. Most of all, they don't want to be told what to eat - thinking that "I've got no problem with what I'm eating...people eat this stuff everyday". Yeah right, and aren't they wondering why over the years so many people get sick, and so many kinds of diseases strike us and that it gets to people at a younger age than before?
Our overall health is declining. Its not so much in the air we breathe, or in the things we do, though that could add up; but I believe (and I've read) that its mostly because of what we put in our bodies. Food and drink should be nourishing, and nothing else. On the contrary, we are literally poisoning ourselves with what we regularly consume.
How to reverse the ill effects of our bad food habits, is one of the more important subject on my mind these days. How to enjoy good food is another. I hope to improve my health and my family's and share this with others so that they become concerned with what they eat, for their own health and well being.

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