Saturday, July 19, 2014

One eggwhite for dessert!

I'm trying this one eggwhite meringue for the 2nd time...not knowing what else to do with the fresh eggwhite left...since I prefer to use only the eggyolk when I'm cooking fried rice for myself.

The first time it looked like this, I didn't even put it in a proper baking tin.

This time I used a stainless measuring cup to bake and I just estimated the oven temperature setting. It doesn't matter much how it looks, as long as its yummy, but I was pleasantly surprised when I peeked in the toaster oven and saw this:

The cup was only 3/4 full before baking, and I guess all went right because it looks good. And btw, I had to ask the Pastry chef in the house (my brother's partner), what to put in if I don't have cream of tartar. She said about 1/4 tsp. of vinegar, and also the white sugar should be about the same weight as the eggwhite (about 2 Tbsp...)

Eggwhite dessert
One-eggwhite meringue

It shrunk down after baking though, and was slightly undercooked in the middle...but I still enjoyed it. Hope I don't get a toothache or a headache after consuming the white sugar :p

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