Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Carabao's Milk goodies!

The other day, my son went on a working fieldtrip to the Philippine Carabao Center in Munoz, Nueva Ecija. Lucky me, he came home with my favorite Kesong Puti (farmer's cheese) and Pastillas, also some Mozarella cheese and pulvoron - all made from carabao's milk.
I didn't have much time to search for recipes and to experiment, so I just made up a simple salad with a simple olive oil dressing. The cheese and tomato really go so well together...yum!


  1. That salad looks good. :) I like mozerella cheese. My son is also going on a field trip with his class next month, to a dairy. I was thinking about volunteering to go with him, but he said it would embarrass him. :( (I thought that was a funny coincidence, though; both our sons going on field trips to dairies.. ;P)

  2. Oh, I think it would fun for you to go Tina!
    Is it your youngest son - already getting embarrassed? time flies ;)
    Btw, I got some stomach trouble from overeating the goodies :p


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